Recipe for Pho

What is Pho? It’s the vietnamese beef noodle soup.

Today is a public holiday, courtesy of a little typhoon. I made the most delicious pho today, despite spending 4 hours on it, making the stock. It was worth the time. The stock had the most pungent frangrance, and its taste was rich and rounded.

The recipe was similar to the one found here.

However, there were a few modifications I made. I just used beef bones to make the stock. I added thinly-sliced beef, cooked medium rare in shabu-shabu style.

I didn’t add the fat, as a lot of fat is cooked out of the bones already. I used spring-onion and ginger in equal quantities, and were charred in the flame beneath the pot, prior to cooking. The bones had to be washed in 3 rounds of boiling water to remove the blood. I also simmered the stock for over 3 hours.

It was worth the wait.

Dave Elsewhere is here

Dave Elsewhere Is Here NOW!!!!!!Funny blooper videos are here

Stand up and fight

I wish things like this would happen more often. Kids fight back against bullies.

CAMBRIDGE — Two students at Central Kings Rural High School fought back against bullying recently, unleashing a sea of pink after a new student was harassed and threatened when he showed up wearing a pink shirt.

Read the rest of the news here.

Halo by Mario

Funny stuff.

Here is the original.

How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steaks into Gucci “Prime” Steaks.

This is some, um, juicy stuff. And useful too! The trick is to coat the steak with plenty of salt. And here is what happens, in unscientific terms:

“Salt does something funny to the protein cells (sic). They turn from tight-assed stuck-up pricks into totally relaxed, fun-loving, sociable cool-dues. The music is Sade (remeber her?), and everyone is having a good time.”

Juicy Steak

This means that the protein gets denatured.

I am really tempted to try this at home. There is a little note at the bottom of this instruction though. It says that the steak has to be at least 1 inch thick. That makes sense, as thinner pieces would just get all of its juice sucked out.

Moleskine hacks

Here is a lovingly hand-drawn page of a GTD Moleskine hack.

And here is a fellow webizen who doesn’t get the whole Moleskine cult. Hahah… I don’t hate it though, just don’t get it.