Why not to do a start up

There are many articles like it, but this is the longest (ha!).

Many good points were raised in this article, by seasoned entrepreneur Marc Andreessen, on why and why not start a start up. Many of these points are just simple facts which, in the delusional mind of a start-up founder, can often neglect. Many are experiences that have also crossed my path.

I guess the best way to deal with all of this is to simply – soldier on.









Panic Coda Experience

I have been using Panic Coda for almost two months now. Here is my 2 cents worth of experience that I would like to share.

Like many people, I don’t usually pay for software (unless I have to). But, after 2 weeks of trial usage, I voluntarily paid the full price for Coda, and I am glad I did. It is a very sweetly written piece of software. At its first generation, it has many features that, in my many years of Dreamweaver usage, I didn’t know I would wish for.

Coda is responsive, much more so than Dreamweaver, on my mac. I like its execution of the file browser (it’s closely integrated with Finder), its tabbing features, the FTP and Terminal (which I haven’t used that much). The CSS editing is nicely done, although I still like CSSEdit’s grouping features. A really neato features in Coda is the web page preview, with integration with WebKit. It’s just like a browser built into Coda, and is very convenient for testing. Coda also handles line-endings and international text very well.

Coda is a nicely written piece of software, and it has many features that some software developers could really learn from. I wish I had known you sooner, Coda.

I still have a wish list though:

  • Site-wide text search and replace.
  • Movable tabs.
  • Insertion of frequently used codes (e.g. table, anchors) with user friendly configuration UI.
  • Option not to connect to remote server on launch.
  • Version control.
  • CSS items grouping into folders like CSSEdits

How to launch a web 2.0 business with peanuts

I have slaved over Yabbyland.com, the purchasing platform, for over 3 years now. Today, I read an article by serial entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki. He started his business Truemors with only $12,107.09 USD.

It’s quite an inspiration, to know that things can be done with little cost nowadays. I realized some time ago that I should have outsourced my programming, both to hasten the production, to allow me to focus on business aspects of things, and to allow a team of people to know the code from the start. After developing the software in-house and by myself, I now face the problem of getting someone to maintain it and to improve upon it, once we launch. Guy spent $4,500 USD (or almost $150,000 NTD) on web development. That’s quite some money for us at the start, but now considering the opportunity cost, I think it would probably have been a money well spent. After all, it only took him 7.5 weeks to go live!!!

However, there are a few intriguing items in those $12,107.09 that Guy spent. Is it necessary to spend $1,115.05 registering 55 (!) domains? Well, I guess “Truemors” is kind of hard to spell…. Secondly, I wonder what $4,824.14 in legal fees was spent on… I also wonder if we actually need that…

Lastly, I attribute the rather successful launch of this site somewhat to Guy’s celebrity status on the internet. People wonder what he’s up to, and thus the power of collective curiously drove the public’s awareness towards his launch. I don’t know if an online no-body like me could use the same tactics as he did. Perhaps I will need to spend some money doing marketing.

P.S. Yabbyland is almost ready, I now need a developer to maintain the code and a marketing guru to help launch it…

讓 Lotus Notes 在 Apple Mac OS X 上看中文

我與可惡的Notes已有奮鬥已久的歷史。從幾個版本前,他就一向不能讀中文。如果email內有中文,他就顯示為***。我一直想不透他們為何不好好的套用Mac系統內的資源,漂漂亮亮的顯示多國語言(包括Traditional Chinese)。最近我還得一直開Parallels,才能夠看我公司的email.

終於,我今天心血來潮,下載了7.0版本。一開始也是不能看,搞了老半天,把裡面的設定都改成Chinese display了還是不能看。一直到我在Apple Support Forum上看到這篇文章,才發現了居然可以用。還好我沒太早放棄。

Switch your OS to English.
Login to your Desktop.
Open the Terminal.
In System Preferences set Japanese as your preferred language.
In the Terminal type: killall Dock
(this will relaunch the dock)
Now start Lotus Notes from the Dock
In System Preferences set English (or whatever) back to your preferred language.
In the Terminal type: killall Dock
(relaunches the Dock once again)

用中文來說,就是先將 Preference 裡面的 International 打開,然後將系統改為以中文為基本設定。接著再在Terminal裡面打killall Dock,接著在將Notes打開。Voila,居然成功。