Hong Kong Airport

I am on the way to China, again!!! I am now at HK airport, on my way to Shanghai, and then on to Chang Shou, where one of our factories is based.

Me at HK

This time, I am slightly less bored than previous trips, due to the nature of the journey. I am here to investigate whether the operation is going smoothly… I am almost becoming a company investigator, digging out problems all over the place. I wish I could also implement solutions to try to fix them though.

Sigh… The biggest issue now in Taipei is the loss of talented staff due to the incompetency of our management. I wish something could be done about this, through more HR interventions or through better review processes for staff and their superiors. I don’t think the company realizes, but I feel this is a major issue that is slowly undermining the company’s competitiveness.

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