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I stumbled upon a really interesting page today. It’s called…, wait for it, “The Best Page In The Universe“!!!

It’s funny in a grumpy and stupid way like Strong Bad in Home Star Runner, Dr Gregory House in House, or Dr John Becker in Becker.

Strange, for some reason. Doctors tend to be grumpy on TV.


I had just returned from a trip to Indonesia. This was meant to be a business trip visiting one of our factories. I had the opportunity to witness the chaos of Jakarta. Indonesia had suffered tremendously from the 1997 Asian financial crisis, which sent its currency to plunge in value 5 fold. From the people that I had spoken to, the past few years saw many companies going bankrupt, and had put my company’s local factory in much hardship also.


My impression of Jakarta is an endless traffic jam. From the number of new motor bikes on the streets, I think this country is in recovery. However, its lack of infrastructure, such as roads, is limiting its development (and this is pretty much the same scenario with other SE Asian countries like Phillipines). I hear that corruption in governmental posts used to be rampant, is reducing, but is still not good enough. To make things worse, the somewhat xenophobic and anti-Chinese sentiment in this country is scaring potential investors away. So, it’s stuck in a slow pace of advance, which the rest of Asia (especially China, India, and now Vietnam) marches on.


I took the weekend off to go to Bali. Its serenity is in stark contrast to Jakarta’s chaos. The beaches are one of the best that I had set foot on. In my opinion, the waves are just perfect to surf in; not too big, not too small. The rainforests are natural, and the people are friendly. However, Kuta, where I stayed in, was way too commercialised. Surf clothing stores lined the streets. Australians with very little clothing on walk around drunk, with a beer bottle in their hand, singing rugby war cries. I hope tourism, the hand that feeds this place, doesn’t slowly exploit its beauty to death.

Kecak dance

I hate to say this, but I hope the bombing was a wake up call to the foreigners to be more sensitive to local cultures.

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CODA by Panic

I am not easily impressed by pieces of software. It’s just too easy to write user-unfriendly software such that they are more abundant than they should be. My most recent excitements include Google Earth, which satisfies your inner desire to peek into other people’s backyard, and Parallels, which lets you emulate hell in heaven (no I mean run windows on Mac).

My latest infatuation is Coda by Panic, a long time Mac development company. Coda is a beefed-up text editor that lets you develop your software (mainly web site software) in style. Its interface is incredibly smoothly delicious, and about 10 times better than the industrial standard of Dreamweaver. I am seriously considering switching over. Oh, let’s not forget the price of Coda is $79 USD! Man, I hope the Dreamweaver developers are peeing in their pants, because they need to pick up their act soon.

There are a few features that I would love to see in Coda though. Panic, please add in a “collapse lines” feature that could be found in Dreamweaver 8. The same goes for CSS editing. Being able to collapse a few CSS items into folders and groups is a very neat way or organising them. You may pick up a few clues from CSSEdit from MacRabbit, which is another delicious app. Oh, speak of delicious, readers, you should check out Delicious Library by Delicious Monster for another totally sweeet app (yes, that’s 3 e’s).

A new Theme

After hours of work, I have finally come up with a new theme. I hope you like it.

Poor Kermit

Tim should find this funny.


From here

Alice Chocolate

This is a very cool design for a line of swiss chocolate. Alice in Wonderland. What a beautiful name.

Alice in Wonderland

From the ever-fashionable Cool Hunter.

Home Co-gen

The factories that my company operates have a few power/steam co-generation units. They range from 7 stories tall to the size of a whole building block.

Honda and Climate Energy has announced that they have released a micro cogen unit. I suspect that it doesn’t reach economy of scale… But if it works, and it saves energy, then it’s good for us.

Cogen unit

From Treehuggers.

Blogging from Guang Dong

I am now in China. I am here for a business meeting.

Chinese Suburbia

I caught an afternoon flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong, and then caught a boat from HK to China. The town I am in is called Hu Men or Tiger-gate (虎門), in Dong Guan, Guang Dong. It’s just like any other city in SE China. Busy, with no character. It’s raining outside, with lots of fog. There is a martial arts competition going on on TV, and they wear really bad costumes. It almost feels like I am in a bad film noir set in China.

I met a guy on the boat here, and we talked about his business. He runs a small clothing store, and he’s here picking up the latest fashion. This area in China is famous for its clothing manufacturing.

After the discussion, I had a new business idea.

The business idea involves a tailored-made clothing business (or maybe bespoke or custom-made fashion). I would set up a store and cute sales people to measure customers’ dimensions, send them to a design center with experienced tailors, and then the clothing specifications can be sent over the internet to factories based in China. A production line produces these tailored made items, before DHL’ing them to the customer.

Just another idea.

At the Airport, again!

I am at the airport, again…. Going to China this time. Not terribly interesting, but at least it’s closer. I swear I have some travelling star sign this year, because I think I have spent less time in Taiwan than abroad.

Anyway, here is an inspirational story of a man who lost lots of weight, and built lots of muscle.


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This invention takes disease free pet ownership to the next level. Inspired by Jim Henson perhaps, welcome the new revolution: robotic farm animals. A welcome addition for the new lactose intolerant allergic to everything ADHD generation. Fleas, Bird flu and terrorism are conveniently excluded. No longer will farmers need to come home smelling like the pig pen with the upcoming Sega iPig. The acidic pants of lactose intolerant kiddies everywhere will rejoice in the new soya-iCow.

The main downfall to Sega’s robotic chicken is that it looks as fake as the robotic egg that preceded it. Even though the Japanese are going crazy over it, I think they still need to perfect the incorporation of powdered Mac D’s eggs to make it truly useful to the new age farmer.